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Organic farming, mountainous, fruit or juice


Pomegranate, an impressive fruit with golden-red peel and the crown at its top, considered, for centuries, the fruit that brings good luck and prosperity to the house. Since ancient times, the Pomegranate had a special place in people's perceptions, considered as a magic tree whose fruit symbolized wealth and fertility.

Our field is located just before the eastern entrance of Arachova, between the wild peaks of Parnassos and the majestic fir forest of Kifis, near Zemeno area, where the homonymous settlement is located. An overgrown area with firs, plane trees and crystal clear waters, at an altitude of 800 meters. The lush landscape is a source of absolute relaxation and tranquility.

The high altitude, the sunny location of the field and the techniques of organic farming, gives  large, intense red fruit with a deep purple color in the arils. Rich in juice, filled with vitamins and with all the well-known beneficial effects, it offers well-being and health.

Refreshing cocktails for every moment

Enjoy responsibly

Champagne with pomegranate

Prepare for a delicious festive Champagne based cocktail to enjoy your special moments.

Fill your Champagne glasses with a tablespoon of Pomegranate puree or juice and fill with dry sparkling wine Prosecco or chiled Champagne.

Your cocktail is ready to enjoy.

Cosmopolitan aka Cosmo, is one of the most famouse cocktails. Pomegranate juice is just so tasteful that the combitation of the two creates a delighteful cacktail that is ideal for party, the Pomegranate Cosmopolitan.

In shaker we add ice, 60ml Vodka, 25ml triple sec, 10ml lime juice and 25ml pomegranate juice and shake well.

Strain in a frozen glass for cocktail and decorate with a slice of lime.
Your Pomegranate Cosmopolitan cocktail is ready to enjoy.

Pomegranate Mojito is an interesting alternative to the well known Mojito

In a glass we add 1/2 lime, spearmint leafs, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and muddle.

We fill half of the grass with crushed ice.

Pour 60ml of rum, 60ml of pomegranate juice, add some pomegranate arils and fill with soda water.

Stir well.

Ganrish with spearmint sprig.

Your Pomegranate Mojito cocktail is ready to enjoy!

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